Kyanoush Majidi
    Born in Sanandaj, Iran  
  1985 Master of Architecture from the University of Tehran  
  1985-87 Employed as an architect in Tehran  
  1987 Migrated to Germany, Berlin  
  Since 1989 Employed as an architect in Berlin  
  Since 2003 Working as a painter and Photographer in Berlin  
  2006 Membership in the BBK-Berlin,
Foundation of Ruberu - The Action Gallery;
  2007 Foundation of the Women-Artist-Group The Seven  
  2008 Membership in the EFAK  
  2004 S: The Magic of the Flowers in the Heat-Power-Station Beelitz-Heilstätten, and in the Town Hall of Beelitz- Germany;
Kyanoush Majidi 2004 in the Gallery Capriccio, Berlin-Mitte
G: Still Life in the Heat-Power-Station Beelitz- Heilstätten- Germany
  2005 S: Access to the Spring in the headquarter of the Foundation Access for All, 8008 Zürich- Switzerland ; The Spring in the headquarter of the “DAXO“ Livorno-Italy
G: Querschnitt 18 in the Arthaus Bethanien- Berlin-Germany
  2006 S: Der Schlosspark-Charlottenburg in Ruberu – the Action Gallery, Berlin –Steglitz
G: Querschnitt 19 in the Arthaus Bethanien Berlin
  2007 S: Kyanoush Majidi in FFGZ-Berlin; The Invasion of the Butterflies in
Ruberu – the Action Gallery, Berlin-Germany
  2008 G: The Seven in the Inselgalerie, Berlin-Mitte-Germany  
  2009 G: Three Positions, in the Atelierhof-Werenzhain, Brandenburg  
  2010 S: Berlin's Waterlandscapes, in Ruberu–the Action Gallery , Berlin  
  2011 G: Three Points of Views, in the Heilandschurch, Berlin-Mitte  
  2012 G: The Language of pictures, in Lichtburgforum, Berlin-Mitte  
    S = solo-exhibition G = group-exhibition